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Scorpio Birthstones

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☽ Dates: October 23 - November 22

☽ Sign of the Zodiac: Scorpion

☽ Ruling Planet: Pluto, Mars

☽ Ruling Element: Water

☽ Main Birthstones: Opal/Topaz

☽ Alternative Birthstones: Pink Tourmaline/Citrine

☽ Moon in Libra Birthstone: Smoky Quartz

☽ Libra Ascendant Birthstone: Smoky Quartz

Scorpio Birthstone Scorpio Birthstones

What is the Birthstone for Scorpio in October?

October Birthstone - Opal

Prized for the luminescent play of light that flashes within them, opals are highly valued as a gemstone and a healing stone. However, because they lack a crystalline structure, opals aren’t technically crystals. Opals are soft with a high water content, which makes them particularly delicate.

☽ Colours: Black, blue, colorless, green, orange, pink, red, violet, white, yellow

☽ Chakras: Red or black - root, orange - sacral, yellow - solar plexus, green or pink - heart, blue - throat, violet - third eye, colorless or white - crown

☽ Helps with: Creativity, inspiration, imagination, facilitating the flow of transformation, assisting in moving easily through obstacles, improving memory.

☽ Usage tip: Store and use carefully, away from other crystals to prevent damage. Never cleanse an opal in water or salt.

Opal Scorpio Birthstone October Birthstone

The birthstone for Scorpios born in October is Opal. Scorpio is considered to be the most powerful of all zodiac signs, therefore, you can really benefit from an inspiring and stimulating influence of Opal on both the mind, and the soul. Opal is ruled by Pluto and is known for offering its support during times of transition and intense change. It amplifies traits and brings characteristics to the surface for transformation. Enhancing self-worth, it helps you to understand your full potential.

Opal Scorpio Birthstone October Birthstone

What is the Birthstone for Scorpio in November?

November Birthstone - Topaz

 Topaz Scorpio Birthstone November Birthstone

Topaz is a gemstone of exceptional clarity that can help you cleanse energies and release things that no longer serve you. Its vibrant energy brings joy, generosity, abundance, and good health. It has traditionally been known as a stone of love and good fortune, bringing successful attainment of goals. Golden Topaz is the most commonly known form of the gem, but other colours occur as well.

☽ Colours: Blue, clear, green, gold, peach, pink, red, yellow

☽ Chakras: Red - root, peach - sacral, yellow or gold - solar plexus, green - heart, blue - throat, pink - third eye, clear - crown

☽ Helps with: Self-expression, self-worth, self-esteem, self-definition, self-love, self-concept, self-criticism, manifesting goals, manifesting creative vision, abundance.

☽ Usage tip: Hold or wear topaz when you state your affirmations or as you work on any creative projects.

The birthstone for Scorpios born in November is Topaz. You have the power of strong leadership and the ability to get to the bottom of things, and your sign goes where others fear to tread. Topaz is an excellent stone for accessing your own inner riches and for attracting helpful people who facilitate your pathway through life. Use the vitality of this stone to recharge your batteries and to link to the highest forces in the universe. Scorpio is sometimes so busy exploring the depths that you forget to look to the heights, which you reach by wearing Golden (Imperial) Topaz.

Topaz Scorpio Birthstone November Birthstone

What are the Alternative Birthstones for Scorpio?

Alternative October Birthstone - Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline varies widely in shade (from pale pink to deep red) as well as clarity (from flawless transparent gems to opaque rough crystal pieces). It is an aphrodisiac that attracts love in the material and spiritual world. Providing assurance that it is safe to love, it inspires trust in love, and confirms that it is necessary to love yourself before you can hope to be loved by others.

☽ Colour: Pink

☽ Chakra: Heart

☽ Helps with: Manifestation, emotional healing, depression, anxiety, relaxation, relieving stress, acceptance and new beginnings.

☽ Usage tip: Watermelon tourmaline, which is green and pink like watermelon, is a particularly powerful love manifestation stone. Use it during meditation in your giving (dominant) hand to help you love unconditionally.

Pink Tourmaline Scorpio Birthstone Alternative October Birthstone

The alternative birthstone for Scorpios born in October is Pink Tourmaline. Tourmaline cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. It grounds spiritual energy, clears and balances all chakras, and forms a protective shield around the body. Due to the purification properties it has on the aura, tourmaline helps the ones born under the Scorpio sign express their points of view clearly and reach a state of spiritual freedom that can be kept for a lifetime.

Pink Tourmaline Scorpio Birthstone Alternative October Birthstone

Alternative November Birthstone - Citrine

Citrine Scorpio Birthstone Alternative November Birthstone 

Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. Carrying the power of the sun, this is an exceedingly beneficial stone. It is warming, energising and highly creative. This is one of the crystals that never needs cleansing. It absorbs, transmutes, and grounds negative energy and is therefore extremely protective for the environment. It is also known as the stone of abundance. It teaches how to manifest and attracts wealth, prosperity, success, and all good things.

☽ Colour: Yellow

☽ Chakras: Solar Plexus

☽ Helps with: Prosperity, self-esteem and self-image, creativity, encouraging generosity, promoting clarity of thinking, manifestation, asserting personal will, facilitating new beginnings.

☽ Usage tip: To enhance prosperity, place citrine in the back left corner of your home (the prosperity corner). If you run a business, place it in your cash register or cash box to promote prosperity for the business.

The alternative birthstone for Scorpios born in November is Citrine. Scorpios are known to be highly determent and goal driven and Citrine helps you achieve what you set out to do, it can even help you decide what goals to pursue in the first place. It supports those born under Scorpio sign with the determination, confidence, and energy they need to make their dreams come true. This Scorpio stone's warm, joyful energy inspires a positive attitude, creativity, and the ability to go with the flow.

Citrine Scorpio Birthstone Alternative November Birthstone

14K gold filled Citrine jewellery | Inspiration Her

What Is the Moon in Scorpio Birthstone?

Moon in Scorpio birthstone is Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz is an essential crystal for your emotionally intense Moon as it promotes detoxification and elimination on all levels, teaching you how to leave behind everything that no longer serves you. It fortifies your resolve and gives you strength during difficult times.

Smoky Quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones and at the same time raises vibrations during meditation. It teaches you how to leave behind anything that no longer serves you and when it comes into contact with negative emotions, it gently dissolves them.

☽ Colour: Light grey to brown

☽ Chakras: Root, crown

☽ Helps with: Transmuting negative energy to positive energy, amplifying positive energy, grounding, detoxifying, connecting all the chakras to balance energies, connection to higher guidance and the Divine.

☽ Usage tip: Sprinkle chips of smoky quartz all around the perimeter of your house so that all the energy that surrounds where you live is changed into positive energy.

Smoky Quartz Scorpio Moon Birthstone

What Is Scorpio Ascendant Birthstone?

Scorpio Ascendant birthstone is Smoky Quartz. Scorpio Ascendant has a compulsion to explore all the taboo areas of life and all that is dark and destructive, indeed this Ascendant sometimes seems to be on a self-destruct mission. Protective Smoky Quartz supports your ability to see beneath the surface and accompanies you into the place where others fear to tread. It gives you the courage and insight for your own healing and that of others. This stone also encourages you to be less manipulative.

Scorpio is an Ascendant that successfully disguises any inner lack of confidence behind an impassive facade. Carrying your Smoky Quartz fortifies you during difficult times and teaches you how to let go of anything that no longer serves you.

Smoky Quartz Scorpio Birthstone Scorpio Ascendant Birthstone

Crystals Associated With Scorpio

There are a lot more crystals associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio. Here is a list of some of them.

Agate, Apache Tear, Aquamarine, Alexandrite, Beryl, Boji Stone, Charoite, Crystal Quartz, Dioptase, Garnet, Green Jasper, Hawk’s Eye, Herkimer Diamond, Kunzite, Labradorite, Malachite, Melanite, Moonstone, Nebula Stone, Obsidian, Opal, Peridot, Prasiolite (Green Amethyst), Red Spinel, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Ruby, Smoky Quartz, Topaz, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Unakite.

Crystals Associated with Scorpio

14K gold-filled Peridot Necklace | Inspiration Her | Crystals associated with Scorpio 14K gold-filled Labradorite Necklace | Inspiration Her | Crystals associated with Scorpio 14K gold-filled Prasiolite Necklace | Inspiration Her | Crystals associated with Scorpio


Crystals For Beginners by Karen Frazier
Crystal Zodiac by Judy Hall
The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt
The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

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  • Oct 27, 2020

    Such a nice read! I liked the details that she included about Scorpio’s astrology! Also, including the moon birthstone and ascending birthstone was son interesting to know :)

    — Kayla

  • Oct 27, 2020

    Wow! Scorpio is the considered to be the most powerful zodiac? I didn’t knew! Opal is such a mystic and beautiful stone… It’s understandable that it stays somehow for changes and gives you the energy for it. It has this very magical, mystical vibe.
    Thanks for the awesome new journal! I’m excited for the next one!

    — Sara

  • Oct 11, 2020

    Great article! I never knew Citrine is an alternative birthstone for Scorpios born in November. I like Topaz, but I think I like Citrine even more now.

    — Greta

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