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Our Commitment to the Environment

We are giving back to Mother Nature by planting trees from each sale we get.

That's right! One tree per sale.


At the end of each month, Inspiration Her donates 1 dollar from EACH sale to a non-profit organization:

One Tree Planted partner with carefully selected reforestation organizations in 4 regions:
North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Planting trees is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to help nature regenerate lost landscapes, increase biodiversity, and offset carbon emissions. But beyond the known global benefits of reforestation, there are many additional multi-dimensional advantages that trees can provide to a particular region.

Here at Inspiration Her we want to focus on one specific project in Rwanda, because it not only does good for the Mother Nature, but empowers women as well. And we are all about that!

''The focus of our reforestation efforts in Rwanda will be around agroforestry and food security, which will also help to reduce soil erosion, landslides and severe floods downstream, benefit environmental restoration, store carbon, and ensure that more families thrive. We’re working with ARCOS network, specifically reforesting an area of one women-led farming coop community called Jyambere Munyarwanda, which operates in the Mukura Sector, Rutsiro District, in Rwanda.

This coop was initially started with 200 members in 2006, and has grown to 313 members divided into 6 sub-groups. Jyambere Munyarwanda strives to improve livelihoods of vulnerable people, especially women and youth, through sustainable agricultural practices, and promoting cultural values/natural heritage conservation in agricultural areas. Its activities include livestock rearing, horticulture, and producing and planting trees in various member farms. The coop also carries out activities to raise awareness about the benefits of land restoration and sustainable agriculture.''

To read more about the project in Rwanda, please, click HERE.


Working with One Tree Planted allows Inspiration Her offset carbon emissions from shipping orders all over the world, and be a part of something greater. It feels damn good to give back to the Earth and empower women around the world.


YES. We are all about transparency. At the end of each month we will share as much information as we can on our social media. Please, check @inspiration.her on Instagram to see the latest updates.