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Purnama Rituals

Copper Tongue Scraper

Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Scraper

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Discover the benefits of the ancient Ayurvedic ritual of Jiwah Prakshalan: cleansing unwanted toxins and residue off of the tongue with a copper tongue scraper.

Made in India
Made of copper

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Explore the ancient ayurvedic ritual of cleansing unwanted toxins and residue off of the tongue with an ayurvedic copper tongue scraper. Copper has been used for centuries and is known to be bacteria-resistant & antiseptic. The benefits of tongue cleaning have made it clear. This is a necessary ritual to include in your self-care routine.

In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, the tongue is a very crucial and telling part of the body. It is considered to be the microcosm of the entire system that is our bodies. This is why tongue scraping is so important for oral hygiene. The state of your tongue — its colour, coating and texture — indicate the state of your overall health. While sleeping a coating of undigested particles build up on your tongue. When you awaken, these particles need to be removed to maintain a healthy oral hygiene and restore fresh breath. Using tongue scrapers daily is proven to reduce bad breath by removing this unwanted coating and improving the overall mouth hygiene.

Both beneficial and harmful bacteria live in the mouth. Just as brushing our teeth, cleaning the tongue is a vital part of maintaining oral hygiene. Copper not only seems to be toxic to the bad bacteria. It also provides important enzymes that are needed for the healthy microbes in the mouth to survive. One of the most comprehensive texts on Ayurveda, Charaka Samhita, states that tongue scraping removes toxins, bad breath, 

How to use?

Tongue scraping, also known as Jiwah Prakshalan in Ayurveda, is the practice of gently grazing the tongue with a u-shaped copper tool to remove the debris and bad bacteria, and clean the surface of the tongue. 

Before first use, rinse thoroughly using mild soap, or lemon and salt mix.

  1. Stick your tongue out.
  2. Place the scraper as far back as you can without being uncomfortable.
  3. Gently pull the tool forward to the tip of your tongue, scraping the debris off your tongue.
  4. Rinse the scraper.
  5. Repeat 7–14 times, ensuring you have scraped the whole surface.
  6. Rinse the mouth with warm or room temperature water.
  7. Clean the scraper thoroughly with warm water.

How to clean your copper tongue scraper?

Do not use boiling water to wash the scraper. To naturally clean it, use a home-made lemon and salt solution:

cut a lemon in half, add salt to the cut side and rub gently onto the scraper.
or: make a light paste with salt and lemon juice. After the salt has dissolved, clean the scraper with a soft cloth. 

Rinse in lukewarm water and wipe.

Do not use a harsh sponge — copper is a soft metal and using a rough sponge or a brush can scratch its surface.

Clean the tongue scraper as needed — we recommend rinsing thoroughly after each use, and cleaning it 2 times a week.

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