Abaut Us

I started Inspiration Her in 2017 as a self-taught jewellery designer while travelling the world and living out of my single backpack.

A few years later, the constant moving around got tiring so I moved to Lisbon, Portugal to concentrate on the brand full time. These next few year were full of discovering, learning, making mistakes and improving, meeting amazing people and growing as a person and as a professional. Inspiration Her was growing steadily as well, giving me all sorts of opportunities and ideas for the future.

As rewarding as it was, this time in Lisbon was also very intense and tiring so after focusing solely on my work for a while I decided I need a break and moved back to Lithuania in spring last year to focus on myself and make a plan for the future. 

While resting, I remembered one of these ideas that I had before -  to make a careful selection of amazing brands from around the world, collaborate with unique artists and entrepreneurs to create an exclusive online concept store.

So on January 2022 I started working on a new edition of Inspiration Her - bigger and bolder.

Thank You for following my journey and supporting my project ♥