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Palo Santo

A Bag of Palo Santo Sticks

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Air purification - Relaxation - Meditation - Calming the mind - Improving concentration

High-quality Palo Santo (or Holy Wood) stick from Peru with a sweet, woody, mellow aroma and notes of eucalyptus, lemon, coconut and mint. A natural purifier and protector, Palo Santo incense cleanses the atmosphere by transforming negative energies. It provides clarity, calm and serenity durably.

9-10 long-lasting Palo Santo sticks of about 10cm long - 2cm wide and 1cm thick.

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A routine to purify your living space.

Take a Palo Santo stick by one end. Light your stick with a lighter or match and let it burn for about 30 seconds. Then, if necessary, blow gently on the stick to extinguish the flame.

Walk around your flat or space to cleanse it. When you have finished, extinguish the burn in an incense pot or non-flammable container. If the stick is not entirely burnt, you can reuse it.

Note: Do not burn Palo Santo in a completely enclosed area. Never leave the stick burning unattended. It is not recommended to burn Palo Santo near pregnant women, children, or pets due to combustion.

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The use of Palo Santo dates back to the Inca and Mayan Shamans, who used it to soothe illnesses of the mind and body and purify objects and places.

Used in stick, cone, flake or essential oil form, it has many properties:

A true purifier of the atmosphere, it transforms negative energies to attract positive ones. Reminding to release, it heals the mind by calming the emotions and restless spirits, bringing appeasement, calm, concentration, serenity and relaxation. Ideal for clearing the mind, it is recommended before a yoga, meditation or relaxation session.

According to the Shamans, Palo Santo has other properties: they use it for its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. When applied or prepared, it is said to relieve stomach, muscle and joint pain, skin problems and heal wounds. It is said to help mild colds, asthma, headaches and reduce anxiety and depression.

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Originated in South America, particularly in Peru, it was widely used by the Inca and Maya Shamans during religious and spiritual rituals and weddings.

Palo Santo sticks are made from the tree's dead branches of the same name tree. They are harvested only 4 to 10 years after the death of the branches, as this is the time needed for the wood essence to mature and acquire its healing power. No wood is destroyed during the collection of the branches.

The Palo Santo is a strong tree. The Spanish used to break their axes trying to cut the tree. Its composition makes it particularly resistant to the environment and especially to fungi and insects.

The exploitation of Palo Santo in Peru is regulated. It is protected by the government to preserve the species, the ecosystem and the people associated with its cultivation. It is still widely used today for its many properties described above.

9 - 10 sticks = 110 grams

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