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Soothing Body & Face Soap

Ultra-Gentle Soap for Sensitive Skin

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The nourishing soap for your daily wash. The nourishing power of honey, the emollient action of oats combined with almond powder's nutritious and softening properties. An ultra-gentle solid soap that does not irritate your skin and relieves it from the very first use. 

100 % Natural origin.

Who is it for: All skin types. Sensitive skin prone to itching.

Concern: Daily hygiene - Skin dryness - Itching - Sensitive skin - Intolerance to chemical agents.

Application: Daily use is ideal for your skin.

With or without gloves, wet the soap, manipulate the soap between your hands until a fine foam appears. Then apply it to clean your body. Then rinse.

The soothing soap is perfectly adapted to fragile skin and does not contain essential oils.


The exfoliating soap is made using an artisanal and eco-friendly method called cold saponification. With no heating process during its manufacturing cycle, cold saponification is essential for conserving all the properties of the vegetable and essential oils.

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Organic sweet almond powder: Nutritious and cleansing, it has an optimal softening effect for sensitive skin as it contains no surfactants.

Organic honey: Natural revitaliser, it is an intense accelerator for the regeneration of your skin.

Organic oat bran: Nourishing, it reinforces the hydrolipidic film of the skin and protects it from dehydration.

Ingredients: Sodium olivate* (Saponified olive oil); Sodium cocoate* (Saponified organic coconut oil); Sodium shea butterate* (Saponified organic shea butter); Sodium castorate* (Saponified organic castor oil); Aqua (Water); Glycerin* (obtained by reaction during saponification); Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Fruit Extract** (Sweet almond extract); Mel** (Organic honey); Avena Sativa Meal Extract** (Organic oat powder extract).
*processed from organic ingredients **from organic farming ***naturally in essential oils

100 gr.

⋆⫷ Nuboj ⫸⋆

The best nature has to offer packed in a bar soap or a tiny little glass bottle for your everyday beauty and wellness routine.

Created in 2020 by 3 friends, Nuboj Botanique is a 100% natural and eco-responsible cosmetic care brand based in Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France. 

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The goal of Nuboj is to help you simplify your daily well-being routine while respecting 4 pillars:

✭ Natural: All Nuboj products are made with 100% natural ingredients.

✭ Healthy: Their products are healthy, because they do not contain any petrochemicals or endocrine disrupting chemicals and are enriched with plant goodness.

✭ Effective: Their products are effective because their formulations contain exclusively natural active ingredients recognized for their properties.

✭ Responsible: Nuboj products are responsible, because they will never compromise on their environmental impact throughout the creation cycle.

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