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Purnama Rituals

Large White Sage Bundle

A Bundle of White Sage from California, USA

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The most commonly used, versatile and effective cleansing incense. Used primarily to cleanse the space and restore balance.

The scent of Sage is strong, intense, herbal and woody. It is also described as warm and spicy, for some even slightly unpleasant, which symbolizes cleansing and new beginnings.

The product comes from the natural habitats of White Sage located in the coastal mountains of California, USA.

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White Sage - fragrance and properties

White Sage has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years to clear the negative energy. The product comes from the natural habitats of Salvia Apiana located in the coastal mountains of California. Harvested by hand in a way that does not damage the natural environment of the plant. One of the proven properties of this plant is a strong bactericidal effect, which we can use to cleanse our space and ourselves.

Sage relieves anxiety, symptoms of depression and hyperactivity. Smoke from burning Sage calms the mind, relaxes the body and positively affects the mood. Research done on the properties of Sage smudging suggests, that the plant stimulates the mental functions, relieves depression, and even stimulates brain memory functions. Due to its unique, intense aroma and properties, it is a great tool for deepening the practice of meditation or yoga. Burning Sage helps to balance vibrations received from the environment and neutralize negative energy.

Smudging ritual: White Sage or Palo Santo?

White Sage and Palo Santo are similar in some ways, as both plants aim to purify energy – your space or your own, aiming for a more positive, serene environment and better well-being. Considering the history of these unique plants and the fact that their use was illegal in the past, when using them, we should come from a place of gratitude for these products and their power. Sage is a stronger plant, used to remove all energy from a space, leaving it energetically empty and ready for new, positive vibrations. If you work with heavy, negative energy, it is sage that will get rid of that energy. What energy are we talking about? Ultimately we try to get rid of dense, stagnant, or blocked energy. It can be energy on an emotional level (arguments or toxic relationships), energetic (subconscious) or physical (being with people all day at work).

Then, after smudging with sage, positive energy should be restored as it has been completely cleared. How to do it? With high-vibration music, meditation, setting the intention, using essential oils or another incense like Palo Santo, which attracts positive vibes. To simplify it: Sage cleanses the bad and Palo Santo restores the good. We tend to reach for Palo Santo every day, because it simply stimulates positive energy, while purifying the air and introducing a unique atmosphere. Since this product adds positive energy back into space, no additional steps are needed, however, always be mindful of using both plants and be respectful of this ancient practice.

How to use?

Hold the smudge stick at a 45 degree angle and light it. Allow a moment for the flame to catch, then blow it out.
Direct the smoke onto areas you wish to clean and purify, creating a sacred space.

• Never leave a lit incense alone whilst burning
• Do not use on exposed surfaces as may cause Ash burns and staining
• Clean incense holders regularly to prevent staining
• Keep away from children
• Please do not burn incense if pregnant or have breathing problems
• Please insure incense is extinguished completely and properly before putting away

The approximate size of Sage smudge stick is 22 cm. Plants may vary in size due to their natural origin.

☽ Purnama Rituals ☾

To make your daily rituals a bit more magical!

Purnama in Bahasa Indonesian means full moon, infinity, and perfection. Purnama Rituals is an act of appreciation of nature, moon phases and rituals associated with them, but also the perfection of nature in itself.

Create Your Ritual

Through our senses we are able to create space for meeting ourselves. Some find that space through the sense of smell, which is why Purnama Rituals specializes in aromatherapeutic, fragrant, plant-based incense.

Purnama Rituals strives to create a place full of appreciation, respect and connection to nature – not only by accessing it through the use of plants, but also finding it deep within each of us.

The incense is all natural & contains no additional ingredients. The herbs come from natural habitats & are collected by hand in a way that does not violate their natural environment. Purnama Rituals strives to bring you the absolute best quality products, sourced mindfully & ethically.